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MUSAN diving

MUSAN is the NEW Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa. Officially opened on 1st August 2020, it attracts many divers from Cyprus and around the world.

This amazing Underwater museums creative objective is to create a seamless link between the land and the ocean, combining two disparate wonders, one created by man and one designed by nature. To develop a portal to the underwater realm that offers visitors ephemeral encounters with the natural beauty beneath the water’s surface, delivering an otherworldly experience that illustrates the connectivity of man with nature, a hybrid organic form in harmony with its surroundings. The sculptural installations aim to enhance the story of Ayia Napa’s as a dynamic, modern, cultural resort at the forefront of conservation and eco tourism, the sculptures will explore the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region, highlighting the exceptional natural beauty found beneath the sea surface whilst giving sea life the opportunity to flourish creating an outstanding example of successful human interaction with the environment.

Only dive centers registered are allowed to take scuba divers there. It's for qualified and non qualified divers. For a dive center to register to take divers they must provide various details including insurances, professional renewal, dive center renewal, DAN insurance etc etc. Freedom Divers Cyprus has become the 1st dive center in Paphos to be allowed to take divers to this site. Pricing details are below along with our video (coming soon). It's an amazing day out and bookings have to be made. You need to be flexible on time as dive centers are given a 1 hour window to dive. It maybe 9am, 10am 11am etc after the dive we take a short dive to Green bay for our 2nd dive of the day before heading home. It's just under a 2 hr drive each way but so worth it.

Certified & Non certified divers


Your day begins with us picking you up for your home or hotel etc, we then make the 2hr drive to Ayia Napa harbor. We check timings with the boat captain, this will usually be a R.I.B (rigid inflatable boar) but may change, we'll assemble our equipment and place it on the boat after checking it's all working, place any personal items onboard and put our wet suits on half way before getting on the boat. A short 5 minutes ride to the entrance to MUSAN where we drop in the water and begin a slow dive taking in all the beauty of the sculptures. Approximately 45 minutes later depending on air, we surface after our usual safely stop. We then board the boat for our short trip back to harbor. After unloading, we'll head off for our 2nd dive at Green bay around 15 minutes away where we're guaranteed to see hundreds of fish and a high probability of seeing turtles depending on the time of year. We'll have plenty of home cooked snacks to eat before heading back to Paphos. Prices for certified divers include 2 air tanks, transport both ways, food, boat fees etc, there are no additional charges.

Minimum 2 divers. Group discounts for 5 or more certified divers are available.

€220 each diver


In order for you to dive Musan you do require a little dive training first. We would conduct the Padi Discover Scuba diving program which begins with you being given the Padi discover scuba diving booklet, we conduct a full briefing and then after getting you fully equipped we do some necessary safety skills in our training pool. After that we head off to a local dive site and have a lovely shallow dive to around 5 mtrs and give you the chance to see a dive site while practicing your buoyancy and fin kicks. This usually takes around 4 hours in total. The following day we head off to Ayia Napa and do exactly the same as the certified divers day above with 2 dives, 1 at MUSAN and 1 at Green Bay.

Minimum 2 divers

Discover scuba diving program, local sea dive and 2 dives the following day or a discover scuba diving session at Green Bay followed by a dive at MUSAN. This is a long day, around 12 hrs as we have to drive over 2 hrs to reach Green bay and MUSAN.

Price: €275 each

Group discounts for 5 or more discover scuba diving program plus MUSAN and Green bay diving are available.

M.U.S.A.N. musan and Green Bay diving, an amazing day out.  10th May 2022


MUSAN 30th August 2021