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PADI Discover scuba diving

PADI DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) for complete beginners with booklet   €90      

New for 2022 PADI D.S.D. (discover scuba diving) eLearning Special Offer €85       

Love the water? Want to see what else is down there and feel what it is like to scuba dive? Want to know what it feels like to fly or float effortlessly?

Then we can show you by doing your first introduction dive experience.
You only need a few hours to experience your first scuba dive. With an experienced and professional PADI instructor by your side throughout the whole experience, you will be given your very own Discover Scuba Diving booklet which shows you about the aquatic world, hand signals for communicating, a page to log your scuba dive, a 30 minute briefing, showing how all the equipment works, teach some basic but important safety skills, and then be taken on a magical underwater tour of the amazing marine world.  

Link to mobile eLearning on the PADI App (CLICK HERE)                Link to web based eLearning on (CLICK HERE)

New for 2022 is the discover scuba diving eLearning, instead of getting a booklet to read and paperwork to complete once you arrive, you can now learn all about for experience from the comfort of your home and complete all the paperwork before you arrive, saving time on your holiday.

There are also some great demonstration videos to watch and a quick fun quiz. Available in 28 languages.
Just scan the QR code, register your details with Padi, complete the required paperwork online and learn all about your course. As all your learning is done in advance, when you arrive here we will get your equipment ready, show you how it works, demonstrate a few skills you need to do underwater, all of which you will have already seen online, we then take you to the sea for a lovely dive to a maximum of 6mtrs, by doing the eLearning in advance will save you over an hour at the dive center.
To participate in the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, an individual must be a minimum of 10 years or older.