Freedom Divers Cyprus, Padi course and  Disabled Diving Courses.

Diving with a disability

All of our courses from DSD (Discover Scuba Diver) through to Master Scuba Diver follow the PADI system of structured learning including all materials. From knowledge development, videos, Instructor demonstrations above and below water, skills in confined and open water plus the final exam.

  • Submit a copy of a medical examination stating that you are fit for diving, the examination must be completed within the last 12 months prior to your dive.
  • Sign and submit a Safe Diving practice agreement plus a Risk and Liability agreement.

All of our courses are priced exactly the same as our PADI courses for able bodied, and include all materials needed and full equipment. Even though they may take slightly longer to complete or if we use extra divers to assist us during your course. You will not be financially penalised due to any disability that you may have.

Some of the skills needed to complete the course may require us adapt certain things in order for you to complete the PADI standards requirements.