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PADI courses

A FREE copy of the Padi introduction to Open Water Diver eLearning promo book. €0.00

If you're thinking about becoming a Padi diver and want to see what's involved before you sign up, the PADI Introduction to Open Water Diver eLearning is a sample of the PADI Open Water Diver eLearning product that allows you the opportunity to interact with the PADI Open Water Diver eLearning material prior to purchasing the course.
The best experience is to study online, however, if you find yourself without internet for periods (such as when commuting or traveling) or have inconsistent, poor internet services, they can download content to study offline via the PADI Training app.
The PADI Training app is available for Apple® iOS devices and Android™ devices. It’s best if devices are no more than three generations old. Content can be downloaded in sections for download convenience with a total file size of approximately 74 MB.
The sample product does not retain progress or provide credit towards Open Water Diver eLearning and includes the following sections and subsections:
  • Open Water Diver Introduction
  • Underwater Ambassador
  • Breathing Underwater
  • Hand Signals
For more details, use the contact form on this website with your full name, date of birth and email address and i'll arrange for Padi to send you the link for your FREE promo download with full instructions. Enjoy. There is no obligation to purchase anything, this purely gives you an idea about the course should you decided to go further, you don't even need to dive with us, if you're going to another country you can still have to FREE promo copy first.

DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) for complete beginners    €90
Love the water? Want to see what else is down there and feel what it is like to scuba dive? Want to know what it feels like to fly or float effortlessly?
Then we can show you by doing your first introduction dive experience.
You only need a few hours to experience your first scuba dive. With an experienced and professional PADI instructor by your side throughout the whole experience, you will be given your very own Discover Scuba Diving booklet which shows you about the aquatic world, hand signals for communicating, a page to log your scuba dive, a 30 minute briefing, showing how all the equipment works, teach some basic but important safety skills, and then be taken on a magical underwater tour of the amazing marine world.  To participate in the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, an individual must be a minimum of 10 years or older.

Bubblemaker    €90
For youngsters aged 8 or 9 years
An amazing adventure for kids to experience the underwater world. You’ll be taught on a one to one basis with an experienced Padi instructor. You’ll be given a briefing about what will be happening, the same full equipment that scuba divers use, just smaller and lighter, we take you into the pool for a few underwater games followed by a dive in the local lagoon down to a maximum of 2 mtrs.

Scuba Diver    €320
The perfect course if you’re limited on time. The scuba diver course can be in 2 days or less. Once qualified you’ll be able to dive anywhere in the world with a PADI pro by your side down to a maximum of 12 mtrs.
You’ll complete some knowledge development prior to or during the course or complete it online before you arrive to save time, 3 pool sessions where you’ll master some safety skills followed by 2 open water dives where you’ll go over some of the skills you’ve already learnt, one of your dives will be to a maximum of 12 mtrs
For adults and children aged 10+.

Scuba Diver Upgrade    €240
As a Padi scuba diver you’re already over half way to your full PADI Open Water Diver. To reach Open water diver and be able to dive to a maximum of 18mtrs all you need to complete is 2 more knowledge development sessions, 2 more pool sessions with some additional skills and 2 more open water dives. This qualification allows you to dive independently with a similarly qualified buddy down to 18mtrs.

Open Water Diver    €490
This is the most popular diving course in the world. As a PADI Open Water Diver you will be fully qualified to dive independently with a buddy who has the same qualification or higher down to a maximum of 18mtrs.
This course consists of watching the PADI open water video, knowledge development with the PADI open water manual, 5 skill sessions in the pool or a suitable confined open water environment, 4 open water dives consisting of skills practice and exploring the local dive sites and the final written exam.

Adventure Diver    €285
Consisting of 3 adventure dives from our list which can include the use of Underwater scooters, night dive, deep dive, enriched air (15yrs minimum) search and recovery, wreck and many more, please ask for a full list or visit the PADI website. You must be already certified as a PADI (Junior) open water diver, the course can be completed in one day although we recommend a day and a half.

Adventure Diver Upgrade    €95
Already an Adventure Diver? Then why not upgrade to the PADI Advanced open water diver. All that required is just 2 more adventure dives. N.B. Deep and Underwater navigation are compulsory and must be 2 of the adventure dives and can be done during your upgrade if you haven’t completed either of them during your adventure diver certification.

Advanced Open Water Diver    €370
Ready to learn more?  The PADI Advanced Open Water certification qualifies you to dive up to 30m. It is the next step in scuba diving knowledge after the PADI Open Water Diver certification. This course includes 5 dives designed to advance skills and confidence. The course includes a compulsory deep dive & navigation dive and three chosen adventure dives.  
Choose from the following most popular Adventure Dive Options.

  • AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation
  • AWARE - Fish Identification
  • Wreck Diver
  • Boat Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Night Diver
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Search & Recovery
  • Underwater Navigation
  • DPV - Diver Propulsion Vehicle
  • Digital underwater photographer
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Enriched air (15yrs minimum age)
Why not make your Advanced open water course extra special. For a supplement of €120 you can complete your Deep and Wreck diver dives on the world famous Zenobia shipwreck of the coast of Larnaca. We will take you there to complete these 2 dives exploring the outside of this 172mtr long wreck and down to a maximum depth of 30mtrs followed by a BBQ on-board the boat taking us to the wreck site before heading home.

Emergency First Response (EFR) Primary and secondary care    €150
One of the prerequisites of the Rescue Diver course, Emergency First Response (EFR) is a comprehensive course giving you the latest knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in an emergency and provide first aid. (Includes CPR training).

Rescue diver     €460- €520
This is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding courses you’ll do. Building upon all your current experience you’ll learn self-rescue skills and take part in practical sessions involving simulated rescue exercises enabling you to respond and act quickly in the event that a rescue is necessary.
Course cost is €490.00 including your EFR or €440 excluding your EFR.
This course is preceded by Emergency First Response (EFR), the all-important first aid part in a diver's skills pack.   Both EFR and Rescue Diver are pre-requisites to becoming a PADI dive professional and beginning the PADI Dive Master Course.

Master Scuba Diver    starting from €120 per specialty
The Master Scuba Diver rating is the highest recreational diver rating in the PADI system, and denotes a diver with superior experience and achievement.
Pre requisites:

  • Minimum 12 years old
Note: 12-14 year old divers may earn Junior Master Scuba Diver certifications.
  • Certified as a PADI (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver, a PADI (Junior) Rescue Diver, and certification in five PADI Specialty courses.
Note: Specialty diver certifications must be PADI – no other certifications qualify.
  • Minimum of 50 logged dives
You need to complete 5 specialties from the adventures in diving programme. For example, if one of your specialties is wreck diving then you need to complete 4 wreck dives, if you completed a wreck dive as part of your advanced open water certification then you only need to complete 3 more wreck dives to complete that specialty. Prices vary depending on your chosen specialties, please ask for more details but start from €120.00 per specialty.